Behbal Kalan Firing Case : Revelations by Ex DGP

It was on 14th October 2015 when two Sikhs were killed by the Punjab Police at village Behbal Kalan near Kotkapura, both of them along with other villagers were participating a sit-in demonstration against the incident of Beadbi (sacrilege) of Guru Granth Sahib Ji at Bargari village.

The Punjab government has formed two seperate inquiry commissions and a Special Investigation Team (SIT) in this matter but the culprit police official remains ‘unidentified’ in the case files even after more then two years of that fateful incidence.
A report published in a Hindi vernacular on Wednesday (January 17 2018) hints at a deeper conspiracy working behind the scene to protect the guilty police officials. The front page report by Toinik Bhaskar’ notes that the primary evidence in the case i.e the bullets recovered from the body of slain Sikhs have been tempered.
Whilst referring to the test report of Central Forensic Science Laboratory (CFSL) the media report notes that the CFSL was able to determine that the bullets were fired from Self Loading Rifle (SLRs) but when it came to matching the particular weapon used in the crime the CFSL failed to do so. CFSL has noted in its report that the bullets have been badly tempered with. Furthermore, the report notes that there was no mention of tempering in the ballistic report of Punjab Forensic Science Laboratory (PFSL). The PFSL simply maintained that the bullets did not match with the particular weapon submitted for the ballistic test, thus it tends to give clean chit to the Punjab Police officials in question, notes Dainik Bhaskar in its report.

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