Sukhpal Khaira´s funny comment on Rana Gurjit

Leader of opposition in the Punjab assembly Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Tuesday accused chief minister Captain Amarinder Singh of trying to save his “tainted” confidante, power and irrigation minister Rana Gurjit Singh, who has resigned from the state cabinet.

Claiming that Rana Gurjit was asked to “step down” by the Congress high command, Khaira, who had led the charge against him in the sand mine row, said the minister had handed over his resignation on January 4, but Amarinder betrayed the people of the state by keeping it under wraps for 12 days. “This is the CM’s last feeble attempt to save Rana Gurjit who has been a fundraiser for him and the party. It is a dishonourable exit for the minister,” he said at a press conference here, giving credit to AAP’s crusade for the development

LoP flays autocratic appointment of six PPSC members and two RTI Commissioners without following proper laid down procedure, says he’s not a rubber stamp.

While interacting with the media at Chandigarh today, LoP castigated the Punjab government for adopting a dictatorial and autocratic approach to make constitutional appointments. He said he was miffed at the way government is trying to go about to appoint six PPSC members and two RTI Commissioners without following proper rules and procedure.

Khaira disclosed that Special Secretary Personnel department approached him couple of days back to append his signatures on a file containing the names of six PPSC members and two RTI Commissioners cleared by the Chief Minister and the Speaker.

Khaira said when he confronted the officer as to what was the criteria adopted to shortlist the names of said appointments, the officer failed to give a satisfactory reply. Khaira said he was astonished that the CM wanted the LoP to approve the names by casually circulating the names of such important constitutional appointments without holding a meeting of the select committee. Khaira said this showed how casual and indifferent was the approach of Capt. Amarinder Singh to important offices that are supposed to render justice to people.

Khaira said he directed the officer to show him the entire file of proceedings adopted by the government, as to how they shortlisted these appointments out of more than 150 people who had applied for these jobs. Did the screening or search committee interview the applicants or gave them any personal hearing? Asked the LoP. Khaira said the government must disclose how the committee fixed merit to decide the appointments?

Khaira said he was astonished that the government sent the file to him after deciding the appointments, whereas rules and decency demands that his concurrence should be taken before deciding the appointments. Khaira said he would not act like a rubber stamp or a mute spectator on such vital issues of constitutional appointments.

Khaira said he had already written a D.O. letter to the Chief Secretary asking him to furnish the criteria, rules and procedure adopted by the government to make these hurried appointments. He said he was expecting an early reply from the government so that next course of action by him could be decided.

Khaira urged the Chief Minister to reconsider these appointments, call an appropriate meeting of CM, Speaker and LoP to decide afresh. In case the government continues to act arrogantly and autocratically he would give a hard hitting dissenting note against the procedure to show his resentment.

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