UK MP Contradicts British High Commission Statement on Jagtar Johal

Worth a listen to the BBC News Punjabi interview with Virendra Sharma MP
1) He is careful what he says on the restrictions by Gurdwara Management Committees on Indian government officials. His language clearly shows he is not happy with this move and wrongly suggests in his view the Sikh community is not in favour.
2) The concerns raised by the Deputy British High Commissioner in writing with the Director General of Police on 14 December are totally inconsistent with this interview. Namely, the official UK Government position is:
a) No chance of a fair trial with the release of video tapes to the Indian media of the interrogation by the Punjab police
b) Torture of Jagtar Singh Johal and the absence of any independent medical examinations
c) Lack of private access for consular staff and lawyers to Jagtar Singh Johal (at that time)
3) Southall residents should ask Virendra Sharma to put in writing the range of issues he supposedly raised in a meeting with Sushma Swaraj and her response

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