Sikh Fed UK Calls Out Deputy High Commissioner of India On His Lies

The BBC Asian Network chose to discuss the topic of the ban on Indian Officials using Gurdwara’s for political agendas. An advisor for the Sikh Federation UK, Dabinderjit Singh expressed his feelings on the ban and was then followed by a reaction from the Deputy High Commissioner of India (London).

Dinesh Patnaik, the Deputy High Commissioner claimed he had recieved numerous calls from Sikh’s within UK and told him they did not agree with the ban and this was the work of a minority group who were intent on stirring trouble. He also claimed Scottish activist, Jagtar Singh Johal had made false allegations of torutre and there was no truth into this. No proof has been presented by Indian officials to back their claims of no torture.

The majority of a pool of people randomly questioned on this topic agreed with the ban. The reasons were similar and highlighted the interference of Indian officials using their role to highlight their own agendas and use the platform to create hatred.

The main issue which has concerned NRI Sikh’s is the treatment of Jagtar Singh Johal. Worried Sikh’s are upset over the treatment of the Scottish youth who is being held as a “political prisoner” as claimed by one caller named Sukhbir Singh who also says he would be “worried” about visiting India. Sukhbir Singh makes a point in detailing the major discrepancies in the case against Mr Johal and the attempts of India to cover up their pretentious case.

The advisor to the Sikh Federation UK, Dabinderjit Singh picks apart the statement by Mr Patnaik. He asks for the Indian officials to open a dialogue to air their concerns in an open venue.

A caller named Rajdeep Singh says he has 3 concerns over this ban and goes onto highlight them. The third issue relates to passport and visa issues and how Sikh’s will be affected. Dabinderjit Singh is allowed to respond to these concerns and takes particular interest in the visa and passport issue. He also talks about his personal experience when he was invited to an event by the Indian High Commission as was not allowed to take stage to speak on any matter.

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